Regrow Your Hair With Follinique

For women living with hair thinning and female pattern hair loss, the struggle to feel confident, attractive and feminine is an ongoing battle. For years, the only solutions available for women with hair loss were wigs, hair pieces, prescription medications and painful, expensive hair transplants. Now, for the over 20 million women in the United States alone living with hair loss, there is finally a solution: Follinique.

Follinique is an easy to use, topical solution that stimulates hair growth by revitalizing inactive hair follicles. The key ingredient in Follinique is minoxidil, the first and only FDA approved, over the counter treatment for hair loss. Clinically proven to help women reverse hair loss, Follinique offers a real solution for women who want longer, stronger, thicker and more lustrous hair through its powerful 2% minoxidil formulation.

To use Follinique, simply apply the treatment to the scalp using the dropper twice daily. The solution will readily absorb into your scalp. Once it is absorbed, Follinique works to force hair follicles that sit beneath the scalp out of a resting phase and into a growing phase. The hair follicle has three phases of hair growth, a growing, resting and falling out phase. For women living with thinning hair and hair loss, the resting and falling out phases are too long and the growing phase is too short, leading to hair loss. Follinique works to reverse the cycle and increase the amount of time your follicles spend in the growing phase to help regrow your hair and prevent more hair loss.

You can use Follinique on your entire scalp or just on the areas where hair loss or thinning is most pronounced. Better yet, with consistent twice daily use, you will start to see results within 2 months. Treatment is most effective when started as soon as the first signs of thinning or loss are noticed, so beginning the regimen early is the best way to get the results you want. No other over the counter hair loss treatment offers the ease of use and results of Follinique.

Follinique is a revolutionary treatment product that has helped countless women regrow their hair and reclaim their confidence. Supplies of Follinique are limited and demand is high, so don't delay, place your order today. With regular daily use, you can see visible results in just 2 short months. No other topical treatment can offer the results of Follinique, try it for yourself and you will love the results you see and feel.